22 Oct

 the entries for the raffle:

1) Amanda T

2) Solstice Event Photography

3-6) Nicole B

7-16)* Carolyn C

17-20) Meredith W

21) Michelle T

22-23) Lariscia J

24 – 26) Marta D

27-28) Jennifer Po.

29) Tressa W

30) Sara A

31) Jeff G

32-33) Britni L

34-38) Kodi S

39) Elizabeth E

40-41) Cassidy T

42-45) Karen E

46) Carolyn E C

47-48) Jennifer Pr.

49-50) Cara C

51) Charlotte C

52-55) Kimberly P

56-65) Rhonda L

66-70) Dawn D

71-80)* Brenda L

81-85) Amy DLG

86-90) Lunch B

91-115)* Michael E

116-120) Janie H

121-125) Cathy W

126) Michelle C

127-129) Erin Q

130) Christopher H

131-132) Steve W

133-182) Elliott P


Drumroll please!  The winner is number 166, Elliott Pittman!

Thank you so very much to everyone who entered.  A huge thank you goes to Lisa Woods for

putting up the prize (Lisa is traveling to Haiti SOON to be part of the Archibald Project.  Check it out!)  An enormous

anonymous thank you goes to our anonymous donor who matched donation (you know who you are!).  A bear hug

thank you  goes to Meredith West for the genius idea and legwork involved with finding a donation matcher.  And a

somewhat cold yet still genuine thank you to colon cancer, for convincing me that now is the time to do things I’ve

always wanted to do!

The final tally was $3620 raised for Amy, and I couldn’t be happier about this.  Much love to all who participated!



AND a generous donor has agreed to match raffle entries up to 180 entries.  Let’s get to 180!

We have about ten  three  1 day to go until the drawing; tell your friends!  This is a great opportunity to help out someone amazing and possibly win a photo shoot in the process.  Check out Lisa’s work on her blog and think how wonderful it would be to have such high quality photos of your own family.  Remember, if you enter the raffle and don’t win, you will get 15% off your session fee with Lisa if you book with her in the future.  That means you can donate, do a good deed, and still come out ahead.  A win win win!

*These numbers belong to donors who have opted out of the drawing, so these numbers will not be entered.   You’re chances are even better!  Booyah!


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